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Success Magazine: Wade Lupe Companies has been serving Schenectady for over sixty years. To what do you attribute your staying power?

Shelley Lupe: We are a family-owned business with a strong emphasis on family values. Our commitment to one another resonates with our clients and tenants through how we conduct ourselves and our business.

SM: From new construction to retail and commercial leasing, Wade Lupe Companies provides hands-on support to new businesses looking to become part of the community. Why are you so devoted to your community?

Shelley: We are innately loyal and committed businesspeople. Our hands-on approach with our tenants makes us silent partners in their business. Schenectady is our home for better or for worse. Because of this, we have worked on committees to improve the environment of our area during the most difficult times, and continue to be wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause.

SM: What is your vision for the future of Schenectady? How will you contribute to that outcome?

Shelley: We are realizing our vision for Schenectady through the Metroplex Development Authority, which provides grants, loans, and technical assistance as well as working to connect businesses with the resources and information they need to expand. Through the hard work of countless individuals, the Metroplex Development Authority is successfully moving Schenectady into the 21st century.

SM: Robert, can you tell us a little about the history of Wade Lupe Companies?

Robert Lupe: In 1939, Wade Lupe Companies emerged from a small repair garage servicing lightweight trucks and automobiles. In 1946, they bought enough land to start a construction company building residential homes. Their works of excellence were rewarded by being exhibited in prominent model home magazines. In 1957, Wade Lupe Construction Co. was formed, and their diversification into commercial building over three generations molded a family tradition. Now Wade Lupe Companies is involved primarily in property management. However, our experience enables us to contribute to all phases of development.

SM: Why should a business entrust Wade Lupe when looking for an ideal location?

Robert: Our property management is professional, service-oriented, and flexible.